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Temecula-Vineyard.com is a site dedicated in bringing all the information that you may need to enjoy your visit to the Temecula wine country. We offer a complete schedule for all the wine tasting rooms, a detailed comparison of the wine clubs, maps, a wine connoisseur and gourmet chef's book store, and much more.

Services for Vineyard Management
Temecula-Vineyard.com has unfortunately identified most all Temecula Wineries as loosing web traffic as is posted by Alexa.com, the leading tracker of web traffic. This is a bad thing for Temecula as the Wine industry is our most important driver of community revenue. Falling web traffic has a significant impact on sales as word of mouth and web exposure can be the two least costly and successful ways to attract new business.To see how badly the Temecula winery web sites are performing, click here. One word of optimism, April stats are far better than March or February.

Most local Temecula Wineries have good Google ranks but tragically bad Alexa Rankings. Alexa tracks and reports on the web traffic to all web sites and shows if your site traffic is growing or shrinking relative to all other web sites. Unfortunately, most Temecula Wineries have on average lost 40% of their web traffic (Alexa Rank) during the last three months. This is not a criticism of the web developers -- I have no criticism for web developers as it is not their forte. It is strictly related to web marketing which many web developers claim to know but sadly is a far less understood specialty than they care to share. It is the reason my companies were successful despite the fact that we worked with the best web developers in the world.

During the last 15 years, I ran a company providing Internet marketing for IBM's partner channel and then for Microsoft's partner channel. I sold my second company in 2005 which allowed me to retire at the age of 50. My wife disagrees and rarely sees me as being retired. I guess the current economic down turn gave me the push to reenter the work force more actively. I decided to apply the talents I developed with our nation's largest high tech vendors for the local Temecula wine market as my analysis showed this market losing web traffic far worse than other local industries.

Since relocated to Temecula, I have worked with a few local vendors that have crossed my path. I started working with one small business in Temecula 10 weeks ago. Since then, I have helped his site become a leader in his market. His on-line sales grew 600% this past month. Another of my Internet clients has been using my techniques for a year and now enjoys over 600 new site registrations a day with an Alexa rank of 115,000 -- far better than any local Temecula Winery. Each of these small businesses use my service as they find it to be the least costly and most successful advertising they use.

The best thing about my service is that I charge a fraction (20%) of what typical high end web marketers as I am pretty much retired. If you, the management of a Temecula Winery, would like to explore the potential of significantly increasing your web traffic, web sales and web attracted new visitors, I would be happy to meet with you at your convenience. I GUARANTEE to double your Alexa Rank within three months or 100% of your money back. This is a guarantee that few service vendors will ever offer.

Your friend,
David Cragg
(951) 303-3969


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